It’s been a while since I wrote about this trip – I last left you when I went to the American Cemetery and was on the bus to Germany. I got the bus to a city called Aachen, only about an hour journey from the bus stop outside of the entrance to the American cemetery. I was ready to explore not only a new city, but to have a quick trip to another country!

I really love having the freedom to just wing it, I do a bit of research so I know how to get somewhere, but when I got off the bus in Aachen I thought “huh, I have no idea where I’m going.” and carried on walking in one direction. I had looked up things to do online and searched through Pinterest, but from memory there wasn’t a great deal on Pinterest! I was walking around and remembered one of the tourist attractions – the Cathedral. I popped it into google maps and was on my way! From then on I put the phone away and just followed my feet and German signs.

One thing I wish I had done before I visited Germany was I wish I gave myself more time to learn at least a little bit of the language. I think it’s great when there isn’t much of the English language around in a foreign country, it pushes you to challenge yourself.

I went through to the entrance of the tall Cathedral and was greeted by a kind gent working who gave me a leaflet about the building. When he asked me where I was from, he said he had been to North Wales before to a town called Llandudno. It really is a small world. I stepped inside to what felt like was the inside of the Genie’s lamp…

Glittering mosaics, gilded interiors and jewel tones spread throughout the Cathedral. It was truly beautiful.

I desperately wanted to go upstairs and photograph the views from above but I don’t think there was any tours going on that day. I should have asked for sure, but by the looks of things the tours were only going on downstairs. If you go to Aachen and visit the Cathedral, ask because I wish I did!

After the Cathedral I wondered around the nearby streets.

Really loved this set up by a florist – how pretty is that autumnal theme with the pumpkins? Oh my gourd, I just love Autumn!

It was getting to lunch time and the tummy was getting a grumble, I looked at different menus around an area where there were a few restaurants. I wanted to try a traditional German dish – this is where I wish I studied a bit of the language and the food. I was constantly on Google translate and looking up what was in the meals – one of the downfalls to winging it.

I’ve managed to lose the photos my old phone took around lunchtime unfortunately, however I did manage to find a photo of the nice view I had sitting outside!

I can’t remember the name of the place where I had lunch, but the service was great – I got a complimentary starter! (unsure if this is regularly done in Germany, either way – I was happy, free food is always a massive bonus in my books!) I had Sauerbraten, a strange but comforting combination of sweet and sour. I’m a veggie as of this year so wouldn’t go for that now, but if you’re a meat eater – go for it!

I explored more of the city and perched on a bench in front of this building that reminded me of Winterfell from Game of Thrones…

I then made my way over to the town hall, and saw this dreamy room which would be beautiful for a small wedding service. If you’re reading this and planning a small wedding in Aachen – please pick this room and get in touch with me!

If you know me well enough, you will know that I have a silly sense of humour. I’m a follower of “Classical Art Memes” and the town hall happens to be a goldmine for making up your own captions as you wonder around the rooms…

But on a serious note, the building is gorgeous and has a lot of history behind it.

As the sun was setting I hopped back on the bus to Margraten and got ready to go home for the next day. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Holland and Germany and would love to go back! I am desperate to explore more of Germany in the Autumn or Winter when I’m back from Australia. Stay tuned for my adventures in Australia!