Wow, what an adventure! I can’t believe it’s almost been a year ago since I went on a plane by myself for the first time (also I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet?!). Last September I went out on a whim and booked a very last minute flight to Amsterdam to explore Holland, Germany and most importantly – catch up with family! I’m lucky to have family in such a beautiful part of the world, it just sucks that they are a flight away and not just down the road.

I excitedly caught my flight from Liverpool airport wearing sensible attire for North Wales… 

Turns out Holland wanted to have a surprise Indian summer for my arrival! Arriving in Amsterdam with a big buzz, I got the train to the city and made my walk over to a boat my cousin and I would be staying on – hotel Avanti on the Oosterdok. Highly recommend staying at this botel, only thing I wasn’t massively keen on was having the top bunk – the ceiling was so close to my bed I felt like I was in a coffin and kept whacking my broad shoulders when I was turning over in my sleep; but I did get an awesome view of the Oosterdok and the science museum when I first woke up and looked outside of the little window by my bed.

I’m getting ahead of myself here – back to when I first arrived. I dropped off my bags, quickly got into some summery clothes, grabbed a cool drink and read a book whilst I waited for my cousins arrival with this view…

(Please excuse the crappy quality phone photo)

When my cousin arrived we explored the city and grabbed some sushi to eat – the only thing that’s bad about writing about this trip almost a year later is that I can’t remember where we actually went for sushi. Which is a big shame because it was lovely, the service was great, the food was out of this world and many laughs were had.


After sushi, we explored the sights of Amsterdam at night time – I loved taking it all in, the sights, the sounds, the (funky) smells – we had a blast on our first night! After wondering around Amsterdam we got a couple of drinks and drank them on the Avanti and got some sleep before seeing more of the city the next day.

We wondered around the markets, so many cool things there – jewellery, old books, records, art prints, loads of stuff!

My inner teenage goth loved the tall black buildings.

Before we got the train to visit more of my family, we climbed the tall set of stairs to the top of the Science Museum. This is actually free and would recommend if you want amazing views of Amsterdam! There’s funky things to sit in, like my cousin is demonstrating beautifully… And then I wanted a photo in the circle. My cousin and I like goofing around a lot, before she took my photo she said “make love to the camera!” well… I won’t say anymore.

There’s a reason I stay behind the camera – I can’t help myself, goofiness and laughter follows when a camera is pointed in my direction.

I hope you liked reading this post, it’s something a little different to the usual photo shoots and weddings I usually blog about; but it seems travelling is becoming a part of my life and I want to take you along with me. Stay tuned for more adventures I had on this trip, and for a reveal of the next chapter in my life!