I’ve been so excited to post about this photo shoot, keeping it quiet has been so hard! Still keeping the final images under wraps is quite hard too, but sharing a “behind the scenes” post is helping tide temptation of sharing the final images everywhere.

Back in the early days of December, we made our way to the beautiful wedding venue, Soughton Hall, I’m not kidding when I say this location took my breath away when I saw the refurbishment. Rewind to the day I met Annie from Soughton Hall to discuss the photo shoot. It was in the Autumn, I was driving up the long driveway and autumn leaves were blowing in the wind in front of Soughton Hall and it looked so atmospheric.

Many moons ago when I used to assist local wedding photographers, I saw Soughton Hall for the first time when I was assisting for a vow renewal, and thought it was a lovely location for a wedding, but when I saw it again after the refurbishment, I was blown away by how much it had changed and how beautiful it looked. Still keeping its elements of tradition, yet has some modern charms in the interior. An ideal location for any couple tying the knot! Plus the colour scheme is blue, so naturally I was completely drawn to it.

I’m absolutely loving the snapchat feature on Instagram! I love giving little sneak peaks of what I’m working on and taking you around photo shoots for the day, if you fancy giving me a follow, you’ll find me as @theperfectdayphotography.


I was obsessed with the blue and gold wall in one of the ceremony rooms, I thought it made the perfect backdrop for photographing one of the dresses from Aristocrats of Chester. We had three different dresses for different tastes, we had a glamorous fishtail dress, a sweet A-line dress, and a fitted lace dress with a backless feature. Everyone involved on the shoot kept “oohing” and “ahhing” when Louise put on the next dress, and you’d hear “oh this is my favourite look!” then “wait, THIS is my favourite look!” and eventually “blow it, I love all of the dresses”. We had the lovely Karen who works in Aristocrats of Chester to not only help us with the dresses, but she also styled Louise’s hair. She did such a fantastic job!

Karen working her magic.
How stunning is Louise by the way?! Not only a natural beauty, but so kind and great to work with, she knew what poses worked, took direction brilliantly, and is just so easy to get along with. She’s also a personal trainer as well as a model, if you’re in the area and looking for classes you should definitely look her up!
I can’t help but love an updo with braids, every hairstyle was gorgeous that day, but this one is probably my favourite.
This was such a brilliant day, everyone involved made this photo shoot come to life and it wouldn’t have been the same without their contribution. I can’t wait to share the final images and tell you more about the vendors involved, they are all truly talented and I went home feeling so happy and pleased as punch with how the photo shoot turned out. As soon as I got home I started editing because I was so excited to get started! Usually I need to relax with a cuppa after a photo shoot, but I had to get these uploaded and make a start on editing with this series of photos.

I’m so excited to share the final photographs with you all!

Stay tuned,

‚ÄčAmelia xoxo