Visiting this beautiful city for the first time was definitely a highlight of this trip. I was guided around by the perfect tour guide – my cousin. We wondered around the cobbled, picturesque streets of Maastricht. With the autumnal shades, it made the colours of everything else in the city stand out. I can’t get enough of Autumn!

I fell in love with the way this shop organised their shoe display – I just love the turquoise shades! *swoon*

Just missing some purple shades, purple would look awesome – if not a bit reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

We payed a visit to Onze Lieve Vrouwen Basiliek (Our Dear Lady Basilica). I’m going to be honest, I’m not a religious person – but when I visit grounds like this it still takes my breath away. It fascinates me what these walls would have seen over the many years since it’s original structure. Some may think old buildings and history as boring – but seeing what our ancestors did to pave the way is interesting to me. History has inspired many authors, films and TV series – look at Game of Thrones for example, the Starks and Lannisters are based on the Yorks and Lancaster families, and Daenerys Targaryen is supposedly based on Cleopatra *adjusts nerd glasses* so don’t turn around and tell me that history is uninteresting.

A lot of people visit the basilica daily to light a candle. We lit a candle for loved ones in our family who are no longer with us. I may be smiling here, but deep down I’m thinking “Steady… Don’t have a clumsy moment and set the building on fire. Now is NOT the time for a Khaleesi moment!”

Okay so I was totally unprepared for where my cousin was taking me next. If anyone knows me well enough, you will know that I love books and reading. Many of my projects in college and university were inspired by literature. (I’m really giving off cool vibes here aren’t I?) So you can only imagine when we went into another church to find…

The most beautiful book store I have ever seen!! Do you remember Belle’s reaction to seeing the Beast’s library in Beauty and the Beast? Yep. I actually stopped in the doorway and gasped. I’m pretty sure I had seen a photo of this bookstore online a long time before I went to Maastricht and thought how amazing it looked. There’s a cafe inside too so you can buy a book, grab a coffee and chill out. If I lived in Maastricht that would be my rainy day activity for sure!

More tomfoolery! When I posted this to Instagram with the caption “at dawn, WE RIDE!” I was greeted by hilarious comments from friends:

“You have a Nikon… I have a CANON!”

“Amelia switched to MoneySuperMarket, and now she feels… EPIC!”

There were so many awesome things to see and do in Maastricht, I loved being shown around by my cousin and hearing her stories of growing up. Later that day I met up with more family and met some family members for the first time! I was spoiled by my uncle (who loves to cook) with three courses, we all caught up and drank wine whilst sharing memories about the family. I think I may visit Maastricht more often!

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading,