Back in Brisbane, myself and Sophie lived in Fortitude Valley. Known as the party area of Brisbane, it also hosts some of the coolest independent shops and businesses. Think chilled coffee shops, quirky clothing stores, and lovely little stores like Max and Mort. It’s a great area if you fancy steering clear of the high street and want to go somewhere unique. Max and Mort is a botanical boutique situated in Winn Lane (seriously go to Winn Lane one afternoon if you’re in the area and fancy some good coffee, a mooch and a good old chin wag), Phoebe specialises in kokedama (Japanese for moss ball), sells everything and anything botanical related, clothes, jewellery and crystals. I remember popping in for the first time and was welcomed by Phoebe’s warm and friendly presence – I love meeting people and business owners who you just click with, so it made sense to arrange coming in to take some photos for her.

Earlier this year I really got into gardening, I made a little herbal area in my families garden (will have to do a post on that if there’s any interest?) so my inner plant lady loved everything in store, especially these water colour prints!



How ruddy cute is that little teapot and tiny yellow mug?!


When exploring the boutique and getting detailed photo’s, I then got to document Phoebe working her magic with kokedama, a lovely and interesting way to keep your plants refreshed and looking beautiful.








The finished product!

I love this little bottle – such a cool idea!


There is also a lot of plant themed jewellery, a nice gift idea for the plant lady in your life with Christmas around the corner.

Seeing Christmas candles and anything Christmas related in Australia is very surreal. As a Brit, the sunshine and heat feels like summer and a far cry from Christmas! Seeing friends and families snaps of Christmas tree’s and mince pies halfway across the world was very strange when it is so hot and sunny over here. Not that I’m complaining, I was pretty chuffed to have a tropical Christmas this year!


A little sneaky peak of the amazing clothes in-store.


“A cactus is just a really aggressive cucumber”

I love the textures and patterns on this plant – as a photographer I couldn’t resist getting some close up shots of this beauty.



Some of the clothes on sale by Planet Hostile, how cute is that little green set in the front?!

I really want a pair of these flame jeans, firstly – because why not? Secondly, I will feel like a force to be reckoned with whilst wearing them.



I had a fun afternoon in Max and Mort, they have now moved stores just a couple of doors down, still in Winn Lane – and their new shop looks so pretty! Check them out on InstagramΒ to see their new store and what other products they have on offer!

Thanks for reading,

Amelia xoxo