Where to start with this shoot… It was a great day overall and I absolutely loved working with Lilly. We started the day off when I picked her up from Chester Central and headed off to Cwm Idwal. It’s safe to say there were no awkward pauses, and plenty of giggles. It’s great to work with someone you instantly click with, and someone you can easily talk to. I’m already thinking of ideas to work with Lilly again, she’s a delight to work with!

The day was so hit and miss with the weather, for starters I looked at weather reports before the shoot and all week it said the day of the shoot would be stormy. Going with my gut feeling, I hesitated cancelling and kept checking the weather report until the day of shooting. I just had a feeling not to cancel. Hallelujah, the weather was predicted to be sunny, but with rainy spells in the late afternoon! So it was quick shooting before the weather took a turn for the worst. The unpredictable Welsh weather likes to keep me on my toes when it comes to planning photo shoots!

The purpose of this photo shoot was to do a test bridal/fashion inspired photo shoot in a dramatic and beautiful location. As a photographer it is so important to keep shooting and learning along the way, I am constantly thinking up ideas and putting plans into action. I cannot wait to show you what I’ve got lined up!
If you couldn’t tell, this is when the Welsh storms decided to make an early appearance… That mist coming over the mountains does look beautiful though. Part of shooting on location is adapting to the weather conditions, I never tend to let the weather put me off continuing with a photo shoot (hence why I was so hesitant to cancel by looking at weather reports). I recall one time when I was a student, I had organised a photo shoot for my final major project in this exact location and the weather was horrendous. Torrential rain, blustery, strong winds, basically it would not have been fun to ask a model “Yeah that’s great- you look amazing, do you reckon you could take your coat off and show off that dress?” I wouldn’t have been popular that day if I carried on with the shoot.
I hope you liked these photographs, it was such a fun day! Check out Lilly’s Facebook, she has done a lot of cool shoots!

Thanks for reading,