So where do I begin with this review?

Firstly, I am absolutely thrilled with my final product! I was so excited when it arrived in the post. It arrived a day before I was off on my holiday and wanted to tell everyone how I loved it so much straight away.

Secondly, the cover feels so soft, not a necessity but a bonus.

​Thirdly, the software to design the book is easy to use. Winner!

I was impressed by the quality of the images, I chose a matte finish to compliment my photographs, I’m not a massive fan of glossy photographs so I was a happy chappy to see that my photographs were full of detail.

I’ve ordered photo books or prints before where some of the detail gets lost, or has just not turned out well at all. Naturally, due to past experience I’m a little apprehensive when I order a photo book or prints from somewhere new. It’s safe to say that I am so happy with how the photographs look inside the book.

The only thing I’m not so keen on is the way the first and last pages are glued to the cover.  Completely my fault *womp womp*. Now, before I tell you my blonde moment, I’m just putting it out there that I am incredibly vigilant and usually notice this sort of thing. When I was designing the book, I thought pages 1 & 2 would be free pages and there would be endpapers… Nope. Looking back on the software, you can see that page one and the last page are on the cover. Totally my fault as I wrongly assumed they would be free pages. I’m partly blaming my blonde hair and my major excitement to get the book ordered and in my hands. I spent so much time re-jigging the book and making sure the photographs looked okay that I didn’t notice the first and last pages would be stuck to the cover. But hey, mistakes happen, and at least I know for the next book I order!
If you order a book with Saal Digital, make sure you’re not being a numpty like I was and check your pages!

Overall, I am so, so pleased with the final outcome of this photo book and I urge you to get one ordered. The quality is fantastic, and I can’t wait to bring it along with me to meetings to show potential clients!