Back in the beginning of our adventure, we had spent a week and a half in Sydney. Eager to get travelling, we hired a camper van and left the hustle and bustle of the city. Our first stop was the Blue Mountains. This has to be one of my favourite spots in Australia so far. We camped in the heart of a tropical forest, it felt like we drove straight into Jurassic Park! At the beginning of our trip to the Blue Mountains we headed off to find Wentworth Falls. We found the Charles Darwin track and went through forests, over rivers and climbed over rocks to the spectacular view on top of the famous waterfall…

This photo doesn’t do justice of the incredible views we saw when we were on top of the waterfall. I have never seen such a huge national park, The Blue Mountains took my breath away!

We proceeded to follow the track and were greeted with more beautiful views…

We watched as white cockatoo’s flew from trees to the cliff sides.





The path soon turned into a steep staircase which had been carved no longer than 110 years ago!



The staircase is seriously steep – make sure you have plenty of water with you if you go! We climbed further down and kept stopping to gaze at the Australian landscape whilst yelling “oh my god, look at this view!!”.


We finally made it to the bottom, just look at that red cliff side!

We were amazed with the size of the waterfall, I imagine this would be a great place to visit during the warmer months to have a paddle in the water below. We visited during the Aussie winter, which is surprisingly cold by the way! Being a stubborn Welshie, I thought the winter wouldn’t be too bad. I was wrong.


After chilling out for a while and appreciating the views surrounding us, we made the ascend back up the cliff side to the camper… It was a workout and a half. On our way back up, we bumped into two Aussie lads who said “YEAH! Feel the burn!!” as we climbed up, thank you fellas for your words of encouragement haha!

More to come soon!